The Cacophonee Ent presents

The Mousetrapped

(English play) The spine chilling murder mystery is designed in a fashion that aims to connect not only with the city’s theatre lovers but also with Christie fans..

Directed by – Abhishek Ckakraborty & Gourab Banerjee

Genre – Murder mystery (English)
Runtime – 2 hr.
Audi – Akshara Theatre, (Map)
Dates – 29 July – 7:30pm


Thrilling murder mystery

Agatha Christie Classic


English& Hindi mix

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The MouseTrapped – Summary

THE MOUSETRAPped is a gift for theatre lovers, from The Cacophonee Ent. Their interpretation of the longest running play in the History of theatre in English, the Agatha Christie Classic – ‘The Mousetrap’ will be staged at the Akshara Theatre on the 29th of July, at 7:30 pm.

The spine chilling murder mystery is designed in a fashion that aims to connect not only with the city’s theatre lovers but also with Christie fans.

Get ready to feel the London chills on a hot summer evening in Delhi.

Play cast


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Producers : Abhishek Ckakraborty & Gourab Banerjee

More artists – Kritika Bhatia, Sharmishtha Ghosh, Ratnesh Singh, Rwikjit Roy
Backstage – Siddhant Agarwal, Lights – Anant, Creative Team – Palash Chaturvedi, Sahaj Shah & Ketaki Kumar

The MouseTrapped - theatre play

The Agatha Christie Classic

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