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We thank you for supporting Theatre artists by buying their plays. It’s your support which allows them to dream hard and work harder. To make it work for everyone, you agree to the following terms before buying a download/streaming play –

  • The Play is being streamed/downloaded for private home viewing only.
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Refunds & Cancellations

You will get 100% refund in case of –

  • Double purchase of the same play/video file, by same login.
  • Double payment of the same video, by mistake/technical fault.
  • Transaction failure but your money deducted from account. (Pls note, in this case you automatically get a return by the payment gateway in 3-4 days)

Please note: Since you get instant access to watch your bought plays, we are unable to process returns for normal bought plays. Due to the nature of this service it is not possible to cancel your purchase after you have downloaded it, other than the above mentioned reasons.

Please allow up to 4-5 days to receive your refund.

NO REFUND can be made for any event/play tickets bought, other than immediate double payment for same number of tickets for single event, thru single id. This mostly happens thru payment gateway error.

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Limitation of liability

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