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Play narrated about demise of great Abhimanyu, an elevated character of epic Mahabharat.

Written By – Pandit Radheyshyam kathawachak Directed by  – Jatin Sarna Theatre group – Prism Theatre

Play Summary

Veer Abhimanyu, is a play engulfed in deceit, treachery, misuse of power, Sacred Vows, and Politics. The play begins with Abhimanyu, son of Arjun and Subhadra who was born with the
knowledge of breaking inside the Chakravyuh of Kauravas, from his mothers womb, and even does the same, when urged upon by the sense of duty towards his father. Though, he has
no knowledge of breaking out of the Chakravyuh, he enters it nonetheless, and how his inevitable death inside, is a Surprise for Arjun when he returns from the war. Driven by
vengeance, Arjun makes a sacred pledge, to kill Jaydrath, one of Abhimanyus killers & his alliances before the sun sets the next day, and how he could never have done it without
the almighty, lord Krishna by his side, who doesnt flinch defying even the Nature, when Justice was concerned. A Mythological story of Trust, Love, Duty, Death, Loss and vengeance.

Abhimanyu, perhaps the only character in Mahabharata who even in death brings you inspiration.

Written By – Pandit Radheyshyam kathawachak

Directed  by – Jatin Sarna

Theatre group – Harfkaar production

The Cast


Raj Tanwar

as, Yudhisthir

Rahul Jangra

as, Bheem

Avinash Singh Tomar

as, Duryodhan

Sudheer Rikhari

as, Arjun

Akhilesh Kumar

as, Krishna

Nishant Bharti

as, Dronacharya

Prince Mishra – Nakul

Vikas Kumar – Sehdev

Ginni Babbar- Abhimanyu

Manisha – Kunti

Nisha Updhyay – Subhadra

Uttara – Enab Khizra

Neel Tyagi- Dushasan

Ankit Gautam – Jaidrath

Rajesh Yadav – Karn

Praaful Mathur – Ashwathaama

Abhinav Kumar – Shalye

Kamal Rexwal – Shakuni

Avinash Tiwari – Nut

Mehrin Saba – Nati

Music – Gagan Singh Bais

Lights – Vikas Bahari

Costumes- Jatin Sarna & Vikas Kumar

Poster – Ashish Balraj Sharma

Properties – Enab Khizra & Vikas Kumar

Backstage :-

Kamal Maddy

Mohit Singh

Jagdish Mali

Ashish Sheoran

Sudhir Kumar

Pratik Srivastava



Nitesh Kinger

Ashish Rajora

Deepika Roy

Heena Malik

Pulkit Chaudhary

Puneet Chaudhary

Written By – Pandit Radheyshyam kathawachak

Directed by  – Jatin Sarna

Play Stats

Play Genre – Drama,

Duration – 120 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 27-Jan-2018



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