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Shah Jahan -O- Mumtaz

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

Is the Taj Mahal a symbol of Shah Jahan’s love or his guilt for killing Mumtaz Mahal, asks this critic's approved fictional play.

The audience gave it a standing ovation, and there have been rave reviews. – BBC – 25 June 
Stage is set for City to be dazzled by critically acclaimed Shah Jahan-o-Mumtaz. – The Times of India – 29 June
The play stays true to the Pierrot signature of lavish sets and costumes… – The Indian Express – 12 May
From the profound dialogues to the intelligent additions in the stage setup, the production is truly appreciable…so much so that even the body language is given due consideration. – Deccan Herald – 28 May


Written by – Dilip Hiro, Directed by – Dr. M Sayeed Alam, Theatre group – Pierrot troupe

Play Summary

Often described as one of the wonders of the world, the stunning 17th Century white marble Taj Mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth.

But this award winning play gives a dramatic and unexpected twist to historical events. The play suggests that all was not well in the lovers’ paradise and questions the motive behind the building of the Taj. A unique portrayal of Mumtaz Mahal & Shah Jahan, that sweeps away all earlier perceptions about them. She is only remembered for the everlasting symbol Shah Jahan created for her, the Taj Mahal. This play through its narration tries to bring forth the character of Mumtaz Mahal.

It rather questions the very motive of the The TAJ –What is it? A symbol of someone’s love or guilt?

Mumtaz – A beautiful and dutiful wife? Or a better chess player, a far-sighted political thinker, an astute strategist and schemer, and the woman behind as well as ahead of her man?

The play features some of the prominent actors of the country; including M Sayeed Alam as Shah Jahan & Niti Phool as Mumtaz Mahal.

Last but not the least, the play is produced by Pierrot’s Troupe – the theater company credited with giving many new, original and multi award wining entertaining productions to Hindi, Urdu & English Theatre: Ghalib In New Delhi, Maulana Azad, Big B, Ghalib, K L Saigal, Sons of Babur, Ghalib Ke Khat, Shah Jahan –O- Mumtaz, Pakistan Aur Alzheimer’s, To Gandhi Ji With Spelling Mistakes, Sir Iqbal etc.

The Playwright – London-based renowned expert on International Affairs, and an equally brilliant “fiction writer ” – Dilip Hiro.

Directed by – Dr. M Sayeed Alam

Theatre group – Pierrot troupe

The Cast

Rahul Ranjan – Shahzada Parvez
Abhay – Padri
Tanay Tarney – Eunuch
Gaurang Mohan – Safeer
Mohit Srivastava – Hakeem 2

Lights – Vibhav Srivastava
Sets – Ajay Sharma
Costumes – Jamazeb
Makeup – Harish Chabbra, & Vijay Gupta
Art Work – Vibhav Srivastav
Photography – Ajay Sharma
Public Relations – Surajit Guha & Syed Amjad Ali
Production Manager- Sanjay Gupta
Patronage – Ashok Purang

Play Stats

Play Genre – drama, serious, romance

Duration – 120 mins

Language – Hindi, Urdu

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 23-Oct-2016



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