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A hilarious story of a man who uses a husband as the conduit for his attempt seduction of his new bride.

Written by – Anton Chekhov, Directed by – Fahad Khan,  Theatre group – Antraal Theatre Group

Play Summary

Seduction is a hilarious story of a man who uses a husband as the conduit for his attempt seduction of his new bride ‘Irena’.
He gives an instructional session on seducing women and claims to be “The Greatest Seducer of all time”.

One of the Russia’s greatest writers , Chekhov began his career writing jokes and anecdotes for popular magazines to support himself while he studied to become a doctor.

Written By – Anton Chekhov

Directed by – Fahad Khan. He has acted in more than 30 plays and directed more than 15 plays etc. Since 2008 he has been working with Blind People in National Association for Blind & Disability studies, New Delhi as a theatre Director.

Theatre group – Antraal Theatre Group

The Cast

Fahad Khan

as, Peter Semyonych , Play Director

Zaid Khan

as, Nicholie

Monisha Rai

as, Irina

Lights : Ahad Khan
Music : Tanuja Bhakuni
Costumes : Daalchand Costumes
Set : Tasha Jaiswal, Fahad Khan
Set Management : Gurinder , Yatinder , Atul
Properties : Muzammil Hassan , Gaurav
Make-up : Jatin Kumar
Choreography : Richa Rai
Publicity : Naveen , Anshuman , Tejeshwar
Production Team : Kashish Vohra , Poonam Butani
Photography : Nitin Pant , Narender Sihag
Promotion Partner : Akash Jaiswal ( )
Photo Gallery : Monisha , Richa , Harshit , Sunaina
Graphics : Tasha Jaiswal
Production Assistant : Harshit Katiriya


Play Stats

Play Genre – comedy,

Duration – 30 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 29-Jan-2017



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