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Private Affair

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

Play is all about a manly search for a missing woman skirt that exceedingly acclaimed situational-cum-verbal satire.

Story By – Charles Emery Directed by – Dr M Sayeed Alam   Theatre group – Pierrot troupe

Play Summary

A Private Affair revolves around a missing skirt, purge alcohol bottles, a confounded Army Captain and a befuddled Psychiatrist, all in a five-star inn suite.
Geeta Thadani, a specialist, lands in Delhi with her secretary. Anil to convey an address on split identity. Following day, she neglects to move out and remains on in the room of a suite of a five-star lodging. Anil, who was sewing her torn skirt in the illustration room, goes into the room with Geeta. Not long after one Captain Mehta arrives.In the mean time, Anil enters and brings the skirt with him to the main room. At the point when the server arrives he doesn’t clearly discover the skirt. He rejects the whole scene as only a mental trip the Captain may have had.

In any case, there are different issues that soon manifest. Geeta orders sustenance for two people and it is a stupefied Captain who answers the server. The server is currently certain that the Captain is either flushed or has a lady with him in the room. The circumstance gets more convoluted as another
Character, Abu Salem looking Bhai, adds to the disarray. The Bhai has come to meet the therapist, however the Captain sends him away saying that he has gone to a wrong place. Geeta, who had been expecting the Bhai, finds just the Captain in the room and takes him as the Bhai, while the Captain imagines that Geeta and her secretary are law breakers out to victimize him. Geeta, worried about the gravity of her patient’s condition, starts Captain’s treatment.
What if the cure drives the Captain mad or does he drive Geeta and her secretary away first?

Story By – Charles Emery

Directed by – Dr. M Sayeed Alam

Theater group – Pierrot troupe

The Cast


Ayman Ansari

as, Waiter

Nitee Phool

as, Doctor


as, Mr.Thapa

Vishnu Sharma

as, Gunda

Directed by – Dr M Sayeed Alam


Play Stats

Play Genre – Comedy

Duration – 01 hour 21 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 16-Jul-2017



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