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A traumatic narrative of considerable partition of 1947.

The cage within – The Hindu

Directed by – Kanchan Ujjal Singh  Theatre group – Saanjha Sapnaa

Play Summary

Pinjar tells the story of Puro, a young woman of Hindu background, finding herself living a lovely life – in a period circling the time of the Partition of 1947 – with her family.
All is well for Puro, who finds herself betrothed to a wealthy, sweet young man, Ramchand, from a promising family akin to her own background.Although her life seems to be well-charted, Puro’s bliss is shattered one day as a leisurely trip in the fields beyond her home with Rajjo turns traumatic as she is kidnapped by a mysterious man, who turns out to be Rashid, a man of Muslim descent.

Directed By –  Kanchan Ujjal Singh.

Theater Group – Saanjha Sapnaa.



The Cast

Pragya Singh Rawat

as, Puro

Anas Khan

as, Ramchand

Abhijeet Singh

as, Rasheed

Shivani Verma

as, Laajo/Saheli

Amit Saraswat – Triloki,Dangaai

Pankaj Sabharwal – Puro’s Mother

Prashant Mishra – Puro’s Father

Wish Daksh – Rajjo, Bacchi

Rajat Verma – Raheem, Policewala

Aruna Soni – Raheem’s Mother, Saheli

Priyanka Singh – Raheem’s Wife,Saheli

Elvis Chaturvedi – Alladitta, Rasheed’s Tau

Poonam – Alladita’s Mother

Tanvi Goel – Pagli, Vimmo, Saheli

Vinay  Taneja – Dadajaan, Hindu Villager

Raj Kishor  –  Rasheed’s chacha, Zuber

Kiran Tyagi – Saheli, Villager

Apeksha Verma – Saheli, Villager

Aman Sood – Khaalid, Dangaai, Hindu

Mohit Kumar – Dangaai, Hindu Villager

Manish – Rasheed’s Brother, Villager

Mintu Sharma – Policewala

Rohit, Mehfooz – Crowd

Property & Costume – Kanchan Ujjal Singh.

Live Music  – Sachin

Lights – Kiran Kumar

Set Design  – Nitin Sharma, Pradeep Chahar

Backstage – Manish Kumar, Mintu Sharma, Mehfooz Alam

Make-up  – Nitin Sharma, Pradeep Chahar, Divyshekhar Jha

Poster- Design – Rahul Ujjal

Designed & Directed By – Kanchan Ujjal Singh.

Play Stats

Play Genre – Drama

Duration – 135 Min

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date  – 29-Nov-2017



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