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Main Phoolan Devi

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

“Main Phoolan Devi” – A woman fighting of her rights and against atrocities, who became an example for several women.

Written & Directed by – Suhail Rahi,  Theatre group – Manzil Theatre Group

Play Summary

Play depicts that women should not be too gentle as anyone can use them for their personal benefits. Since childhood, everyone taught them to remain silent whatever the situation is! You must keep quiet, lock your lips and look at what is happening. But, sometimes it is most important to stand for your honor and dignity.

“Main Phoolan Devi” reveals the real incident about the life of Bandit Phoolan Devi who forced to get marry in her childhood and became victim of child abuse.  Society always tried to tilt her which leads her join the Baaghi’s group and became a rebel.

Play exposes the unsightly face of society towards women. Now the end of tyranny will be the end by every women. Women has to take a step for herself.  So, anyone would not be able to ruin the dignity of them.

Written & Directed by – Mr. Suhail Rahi

Theatre group – Manzil Theatre Group

The Cast

Abhishek Sengupta

as, Sarpanch

Anjali Gautam

as, Phoolan (old)

Lucky Kumar

as, Puttilal

Sonali Vishwakarma

as, Phoolan Devi (Young)

Ali khan

as, Thakur

Himanshu Taneja

as, Vikram Mallah


as, Phoolan (Child)

Diksha Goswami

as, Phoolan (Narrator)

Devi Deen  – Akki Singh

Moolah – Sharmishtha Chandal

Sarpanch’s Son  – Ajay Yadav

Sarpanch 2 –  Dheeru pandey

Vikram Mallah – Himanshu Taneja

Ramesh – Anoop Singh Rawat

Baldev – Prince

News Anchor/Sube Pehlwan :- Ankit Mishra

Anchor – Ankit Shrivastav

Dakait 1 – Priyanshu Prasar

Champu Dakait  – Rahul Rai

Maan Singh – Altaf Hussain

Aadmi 1 – Varun Kalia

Aadmi 2 – Sawant

Aadmi 3- Harshit Verma

Aurat 1  – Sandipa Chandal

Aurat 2 –  Nidhi

Sharabi – Aftab

Thakur Servant – Jasdeep Arora

Sarkari Officer – jatin Sharma

P.A Sarkari Officer – Ammy

Dakait :-






Lucky Malhotra





Suraj Singh

Make up :–

Suhail Rahi

Nidhi Diksha


Set Design :-

Ali Khan

Lucky Kumar & Whole team

Costumes :-


Sonali & Whole team.

Backstage :-

Lucky Kumar

Ankit Mishra

Gurasees Singh & Whole Team.

Light & Sound :- Suhail Rahi

Poster & Print :- Nitin, Dhiru Pandey

Outdoor  Promomtion :- Dhiru Pandey, Shagun, Rahul Rai


Play Stats

Play Genre – Drama

Duration – 02 hour 35 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 21-Sep-2017

Reviews (1)

1 review for Main Phoolan Devi

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


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