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K L Saigal

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

The first ever Play on the First Ever Superstar of India. The play honours legendary K L Saigal & covers the journey from Saigal as a struggler in Calcutta to Saigal as a superstar in Bombay.

This is a pure soul-soaking nostalgia …directors bring to stage an evocative sound scape and the golden era of Hindi cinema. – The Outlook – 1 March
One of the finest plays performed by some of the finest stage actors of the country. – The Times of India – 1 Oct
Tom Alter and Uday Chandra, both Bollywood fame, performed brilliantly to make Sayeed Alam’s K.L. Saigal a landmark production for Pierrot’s Troupe. – The Statesman – 2 June

Written & Directed by – Dr. M Sayeed Alam, Theatre group – Pierrot troupe

Play Summary

It is a revisit to the aura and era of the great K L Saigal. It is a ‘Faction’… where ‘facts’ blend with ‘fiction’ to result into a classic, a musical classic. The play does not only portrays Saigal the immortal, but also, Saigal the mortal or rather – Saigal as Sita ji in Jammu, Saigal as salesman in Delhi, Saigal as singer in Simla, Saigal as struggler in Calcutta and Saigal as superstar in Bombay.

In the process, the play re-lives the music and cinema of yesteryears. This is how the story of Saigal is replete with events and anecdotes which center, no less, around the legends of equal stature, say, Ustad Faiyyaz Khan, D.V. Palusker, Punkaj Mullick, R.C. Boral, B N Sircar, K.C. Dey, Naushad and many more.

No less is the play dotted with live recital of Saigal’s Ghazals, Dadras, Thumris and film songs which envelope and suffuse the listener as no one else’s do — “Aah ko chahiye ek umr asar hone tak”, “Lag gai chot karejva mein hai Rama” and “Baalam aaye baso mor-e man mein”, to name a few. The play stars some of the prominent theater and cinema artists of India, notably TOM ALTER, India’s only Urdu speaking Angrez, and YASHRAJ MALIK, a look alike of K L SAIGAL.

This is the multiple award wining play, which should be on must watch list of any theatre lover.


The play is produced by Pierrot’s Troupe — the purveyor of innumerable original, incisive and topical plays, from Ghalib In New Delhi to K L Saigal to Maulana Azad and much more.

Script & Directed by – Dr. M Sayeed Alam
Sutrdhar – Tom Alter

Theatre group – Pierrot troupe

The Cast

Dawood Yaqub – Manak, Anil Biswas
Jaskiran Chopra – Saigal’s mother
Sahir Dagar – Punkaj Mullick
Tanay Tarney – Jyotishi Wishwanath
Ayman Ansari – Shaayer
Rajesh Singh – Kalua
Chandar Singh – Junior Saigal

Set : Anmol, Rajnessh
Lights –Niti Phool:

Sets – Jaskiran Chopra

Costumes – Jamazeb

Makeup – Harish Chabbra

Photography – Ajay Sharma

Public Relations – Surajit Guha & Syed Amjad Ali

Production – Sanjay Gupta

Patronage – Ashok Purang


Play Stats

Play Genre – Serious, drama

Duration – 90 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 4-Oct-2016



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