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Ishq ki patang

Rated 3.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

‘Love’ doesn’t care about caste and religion.. The Heart touching love which died a political death.

Written by –  Manoj Kumar Pandey  Directed by – Gajraj Nagar,  Theatre group – RAS Theatre Group

Play Summary

A sensitive love story that shows the deep love between two soul. Love is a Sacred word which holds different emotions.

Love story  – which faces challenges due to our caste system.  The pain they feel after being separated by society.

But still, love is that word which bind two soul together. Watch the unsightly face of our society which killed many love stories for their caste system.

Written by –  Manoj Kumar Pandey

Directed by – Mr. Gajraj Nagar

Theatre group – RAS Theatre Group

The Cast

Rahul Gulati

as, Kulibaaj Singh

Richa Kalra

as, Babita

Rahul Kumar

as, Shyam Kumar

Himanshu Sharma

as, Shayar

Darshan Kumar –  Adhyaksh

Kabir Khan – Shaitan Pandit

Rajiv Kumar – Pitam Singh ( Father )

Karan Singh –  Raja Raj Karan

Kapil Nishad –  Tola

Rahul Aswal –  Bheem

Gaurav Bora – Teku

Vinay – Fajita

Jay Bhooshan – Rashid Miyan

Rajat Shukhija – Yudhraj

Ravi Prakash

Aakash Kumar – Narrator

Sunny Sharma – Narrator

Arihant Yadav – Narrator

Gulshan Aneja – Narrator

Hritik – Narrator

Mohit – Narrator

Aman Bajpai – Narrator

Rahul Chaurasia – Ram Singh

Akshay Chopda – Narrator

Sachin Sharma – Vidhyarthi

Kashat Noor – Vidhyarthi

Sahil Sagar – Vidhyarthi

Harsh – Narrator

Chetanya Gupta – Narrator

Simmi Simran Sachdeva – Mami

Fareed – Mama

Ravi Kumar – Vidhyarthi

Archana Bisht – Sunar ki Ladki

Honey Sharma – Vidhyarthi

Kunal – Vidhyarthi

Md. Shafeek Ahmed – Ranjan

Mohan Sharma – Padosi

Shadab – Padosi

Gaurav Raatwal – Vidhyarthi

Ujjal – Vidhyarthi

Arvind Choudhary – Awara ladka

Chetan – Awara Ladka

Aemy – Vidhyarthi

Himanshu Sharma

Rahul Chaurasia

Ravi Prakash

Sunny Sharma

Gaurav Bora

Mayank Jain


Light :-

Krishan Kant Sharma

Manoj Verma

Music Direction :-



Make – Up :-

Simmi Simran Sachdeva

Richa Kalra


Priya Verma

Production Controller :-

Rajan Kapoor

Arvind Malguri

Still Photography :- 

Nitin Pant

Story :- 

Manoj Kumar Pandey

Co-Direction :-

Darshan Kumar

Play Stats

Play Genre – Romance

Duration – 1 hour 35 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 30-Apr-2017



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