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Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

a comedy Play consisting different stories, each covering a a different phase of life.

Directed by – Ishwar Shunya  Theatre group – Saanjha Sapnaa

Play Summary

a comedy Play directed by Ishwar Shunya where different perceptions of life are shown through a writers vision.

“Fools” includes different stories with a different perception such as a ‘Drown Man’  – how a person loose their humanity just for money.
‘Sugery’ gives a silent touch to the play, a way to present a comedy of the great Charlie Chaplin.

Another story – ‘Seduction’ is about a man who tries to seduce another’s wife.

Directed by – Ishwar Shunya

Theater group – Saanjha Sapnaa

The Cast


as, Doctor

Anas Khan

as, Seducer


as, Lomov

Isha Pandey

as, Wife

Manoj Yadav – Compounder

Gurunavdeep Singh -Patient

Naresh Kumar – father

Tanu Suneja – natalia

Raj – Clerk

Anikesh Giri – Boss

Roma Rawat – Boss’s wife)

Satyam , Sajid , Shumaila – Other persons

Ashish Sejwal – Husband

Shakti singh Rajput – Bank Manager

Titiksha Tiwari – Creature

Sajid Khan – Assistance

Aamir Khan – Drown man

Sachin – Customer

Abhishek Bajpai  Police man

Vinay – Man of the house

Roma Rawat – Maid

Play Stats

Play Genre – Comedy, Satire

Duration – 2 hours

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 17-Sep-2016



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