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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

A queen tries to save a kingdom & herself, when her weak husband king gives her to the enemy.

The audi was filled with laughter & whistles. Everyone enjoyed the play – Dainik Jagran – 25 Nov 2016

Written by – Jaishankar Prasad, Directed by – Priyanka Sharma Theatre group –

Play Summary

According to the story, Ramgupta was a weak and impotent king, afraid and incapable of warfare. He didn’t pay attention to his queen – ‘Dhruvswamini’ and always indulged in other women. He also had a doubt that his younger brother ‘Chandragupta’ and his wife had a secret affair. The king remained reluctant to the queen’s feelings.

‘Shakaraj’ attacks the kingdom and he asks Ramgupta to handover his wife Dhruvswamini in exchange for peace. Dhruvswamini pleaded to Ramgupta to not accept the demand but he accepts it. Disgusted by this, Chandragupta and Dhruvswamini, in disguise attack Shakaraj’s camp and kill Shakaraj, bringing back the esteem of the people and the queen.

Dhruvswamini rejects Ramgupta publicly, as she scriptures to demonstrate how Ramgupta, when surrendered her to another king, gave up his right to her.
Later, Ramagupta tries to kills Chandragupta by cheating !

Watch to see what happens next.

Written – Jaishankar Prasad

Directed by – Priyanka Sharma

Theatre group – Silly Souls Production

The Cast

Abhilasha Singh

as, Mandakini

Jatin Sarna

as, Chandragupta

Susheel Sharma

as, Ramgupta

Priyanka Sharma

as, Dhruvswamini

Raja Sharma

as, Shakraj

Hijda – Asif Ali
Kubda – Harshit Tyagi
Bauna – Mohit Singhal
Shikharswami – Anurag Dubey
Koma – Monica Data
Mihrdev – Vijay Rajoria
Khingal – Sanjay Makhija
Purohit – Dhirendra Gupta
Sainik -Aman Chopra
Sourav Shukla, Harshit Tyagi, Samant Kumar Asif Ali, Aman Chopra, Mohit Singhal, Chandan Tiwar

Production by – Vikas Bahari
Sound & Music by – Sudheer Rikhari
Set & Props by – Sanjay Makhija and Vinay
Choreographed by – Gaurav Saini
Lights by – Rupesh Bhimta
Costumes by – Anjali & Priyanka Sharma

Play Stats

Play Genre – Drama

Duration – 90 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 23-Nov-2016



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