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Re-creation of unique story that comes to immortal love’s Testimonies.

  Live on the Stage same story.. new character survives the play “Devdas” – Himalayan News

Written By – 
Sarat Chandra Chatthopadya Directed by – Arvind Singh  Theatre group –  Gandhi Hindustani Sahitya Sabha

Play Summary

This story unfolds of many facets of love. “Devdas” is a depiction of classic film which converts into a play format.
“Devdas” known as an epic love story, every scene and dialogue have fixed in a mind of viewer.

Devdas is a story of love triangle among Paro, Devdas and chandramukhi, the consequences they faced to protect their devoted love.  A sacred love tale presents a saga of immortal love.
Play depict that true love always ends with happiness or with an end of life.

Theatre group –  Gandhi Hindustani Sahitya Sabha

Directed By – Arvind Singh

Written By – Sarat Chandra Chatthopadya

The Cast


Anjali Singh

as, Paro (Child)

Enab Khizra

as, Parvati

Mohammad Nauman

as, Devdas (Child)

Shuddho Banerjee

as, Narayan Mukhopadyay

Arvind Singh

as, The Director

Megha Mathur

as, Chandramukhi

Sahil Singh Sethi

as, Devdas

Susheel Sharma

as, Chunnilal

Naina – Kaushalya

Surendra Sagar – Neelkanht

Poornima – Sumitra


Ratnawali Srivastav – Manorama

Ujjwal Raj – Small Dwijdas

Harish –  Big Dwijdas

Deepak Rana – Dharmdas

Raman  Verma – Bolanath

Manuv Gupta – Bhuvan

Ajit Jha – Mahendru

Ronak Vats – Boy

Parshu  – Teacher




Mohd. Faisal


Manoj Kumar








Music  – Mukesh Jha

Assistant – Ujjwal Raj

Lights – Shyam Saini

Assistant  – Ujjwal Raj

Dress Incharge – Roopchandra , Sooraj , Ratnawali , Manuvgupta

Stage incharge – Mohd. Faisal Saifi,  Ronak ,  Kapil , Sonu

Stage Decoration – Vikram, Sonu,  Mohd. Faisal Saifi

Decorators  – Roopchandra,  Sooraj,  Ratnawali, Manuv Gupta

Stage Fiction  – Susheel Sharma

Dance Direction  – Vikas

Adaptation – Vikas Bahari

Co-Director – Shilpa, Ujjwal Raj

Director  – Arvind Singh


Play Stats

Play Genre – Drama

Duration – 02 Hours

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 04-Aug-2017



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