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Court Martial

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

Story reveals that the soldiers who give life to the country are not untouched by untouchability.

Directed by – Vineet Chopra,  Theatre group – The great Indian story teller

Play Summary

At the point when regard is denied to a man for the main reason that he is borne by ‘low-station’ guardians, the offense can’t just be named as a social brutality. It accept bigger extents of unspeakable atrocity and society at large.Yet by the hand over circumstance the killer turns into a champ though the casualty is unforgiven.
The offender may get serious discipline because of the law in any case, truth be told, it is the general public which is placed in the docks.Court Martial,written by Swadesh Deepak, is an account of enroll Ram Chander who is striven for killing one of his officers and harming another.

The Court Martial is managed by a war veteran.Col. Surat Singh who has seen numerous ‘life– and – demise’ circumstance. Be that as it may, this trial places him in a strange position, so far obscure to him, and over the span of cross examination he understand that the issues in question are significantly bigger than what meets the eye.
Understanding that the Indian Army is the main government organization in which reservation on position premise isn’t reasonable. Court Martial shows a mix of legitimate and graceful equity.

Director by – Vineet Chopra

Theatre group –  The great Indian story teller

The Cast

Col. Surat Singh – Dev Yadav
Capt. Bikash Roy – Deepak Rana
Maj Puri  – Shubham Sharma
Subedaar Balwaan Singh – Abhimanyu Arora
Ramchander – Aman Soni
Dr. Gupta – Anubhav Tyagi
Judge (Advocate 1) –  Pranay Chadha
Judge (Advocate 2) – Gourav Gupta
Lt. Col. Brijendra Rawat – Randhir Pratap Singh
Guard for Judge  –  Devraj Singh Rawat
Guard for Ramchander – Vikram Ronjhwal
Capt. Kapoor –  Kapil Sharma

Playwright  – Swadesh Deepak
Assistant Director – Dev Yadav
Director – Vineet Chopra


Play Stats

Play Genre – Social

Duration – 01 hour 23 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 12-Aug-2017



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