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Charandas Chor

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

Charandas the thief, before committing any theft he always tells his victims of his true motives !

Written by – Habib Tanvir, Directed by –Vashisth Upadhyay,  Theatre group – ARSD College of Dramatics Society

Play Summary

Charandas – the thief, after swearing to always tell the truth is adamant in his resolve to follow it. Before committing any theft he tells his victims of his true motives. In the course of his profession as a thief, he encounters rulers and artists, businessmen and religious gurus, each of whom ironically pale before the honesty of Charandas – the thief. Told with rare Chaplinsque humour and simplicity, this masterpiece written by the legendary ‘Habib Tanvir’ is a laugh-a-riot fun for the young and old alike and tacitly satirises society by pitting an honest thief against dishonest citizens.

Written by – Habib Tanvir

Designed & Directed by – Vasisht Upadhyay

Theatre group – ARSD College of Dramatics Society

The Cast

Amit Kumar

as, Charandas Chor


as, Mantri


as, Muneem

Dananjay Sharma

as, Guru


as, Rani

Sethani : Megha
Kissan: Harsh
Hawaldar : Devansh
Police : Ritesh
Sattuwala :Daneesh
Chela : Mohit , Sadabuddin , Ditanshu , Amit Yadav
Sharabi : Chetan
Juaari : Ojashwani
Ganjeri : Deepak
Maalgujaar : Gaurav
Manglu : Brusleen
Anglu : Abdush
Tamashawala : Amit Gupta
Pujari : Nitesh Kumar
Muneem: Shubham
Purohit : Aaditya
Dasi : Rashi , Aditi
Drumwala : Harshit
Sipahi : Deeprai , Satya , Ishan , Mohit
Pehredaar : Satya , Shahbuddin ,Amit Yadav , Chetan
Villagers: Shivam , Pratibha , Aashna , Shipra , Sakshi Sharma, Sakshi Kapoor , Alka, Harshit Gupta

Music : Yashmi , Vibhu , Mayank
Singers : Vibhu , Mayank , Yashmi,Gaurav , Harsh , Sakshi , Priyanka , Rashi , Mukul , Brusleen , Deepak , Shipra
Geet : Sanjeev Kant
Choreography : Naresh Kumar
Vaadyantr : Prabath ,Aman, Shubham , Aaditya

Play Stats

Play Genre – Comedy

Duration – 90 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 3-Mar-2017



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