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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

A hindu mythological Era play about fighting over knowledge & its power.

Directed by – Varun Sharma,  Theatre group – Theatreleela

Play Summary

The play shows the journey of Chandragupta Maurya from a commoner to the king of Magadh.

It shows how Chanakya, with the help of his student, Chandragupta, extracts his revenge from the then king, Nand and ingeniously overthrows him off the thrown and establishes a Mauryan empire. Meanwhile, India being attacked by the Greek king Alexander/Sikander, Chanakya vows to live for a bigger purpose- to unite the fragmented nations of India.

‘Chandragupta’ shows how Chankya used his mind and Chandragupta’s strength to defeat the Greeks and fulfil his desire to make India a united nation. It tells the story of politics, diplomacy, revenge, hatred, conspiracy,sacrifice and love for the nation.

Written by – Sri Jai Shankar Prasad

Directed by – Varun Sharma

Theatre group – Navrang- the theatre society of Institute of Home Economics Synopsis in association with Theatreleela

The Cast

Rupal Jain

as, Chandragupta

Shivani Bisht

as, Sihran


as, Nand

Smriddhi Sharma

as, Suvasini


as, Chanakya

Aishwarya Chawla

as, Alka

Aakriti Lal

as, Rakshas

Kalyani — Chitwan Prasad
Aambheek — Mansi Sharma
Dandyayan — Gurleen Kaur
Sikandar — Asnita
Siliueus — Jasmine
Parvateshvar — Aayushi Joshi
Malvika — Urvashi Walia
Pratihari — Aayushi loshi
Char/ Sandeshwahak — Gurleen Kaur
Nartaki — Shreya Asrani
YavanSainik- Shreya Asrani, PragyiBaghel, Smriddhi Sharma
BhartiyaSainik — Sumbhi Vohra, SakshiPanwar, Sarita, SaloniRaheja
Snatak — SakshiPanwar, Urvashi Walia

Lights — GuilarmatChathval , TanunkaKapla
Music — AyushiMital , Gaurav gautum
Backstage — swati pandey
Live Music — ShivanggiBhanot, AshnaSagar , Smriddhi Sharma, Gurleen Kaur
BACKSTAGE- AsImaSagar , ShivanggiBhanot

Play Stats

Play Genre – Drama

Duration – 90 mins

Language – Hindi

Subtitles – NA

Play release date – 28-Jan-2017



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