Bela Theatre was established by Mohd. Waseem Azad in 1999 with a motive of promoting and enriching theatre. For over 13 years, the group has given original and meaningful contribution in theatre. Its productions have been acclaimed not only in Delhi but also in almost all major cities. The group has experimented in 3 different languages- Hindi, Urdu and Bhojpuri. Mr. Amar Nath Sah started Bela Theatre Karwaan which was one of the last wishes of Waseem Bhai.

Bela Theatre Karwaan has explored almost every genre of theatre from Greek Theatre to Street Plays. Their plays have won laurels at national theatre festivals in acting and in back stage as well.

Play Awards won – 2 Consecutive year won best director award.

Some of other Productions – Men without Shadow, Haai Paisa Hai , Khayali Beemar , Kanjoos miyan Deewane, Do paise ki Jannat , Gadhe ki baraat

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